Get Your Car Ready for Autumn

The turn of the season is September 21st and many Canadians are often ill-prepared to get their vehicles ready for the harsh weather.  Here are some simple things you can do to get your car prepared for the colder months of the year.

Winter Tires

Let’s start with the part of your car that is actually touching the road — your tires. Once the temperature drops to 7℃, it is time for winter tires. They work best in these colder conditions, but many Canadians wait until the first snowfall to change their tires. To avoid the business and lines at your local auto body shops, change all four tires once the temperature starts to drop and be set for the cold months to come.

Tire Pressure

It is also important to talk about tire pressure. Especially in the fall when the temperature fluctuates daily, your tire pressure will fluctuate as well. It is important to pay attention to the lights on your dash to make sure your tire pressure is within the normal range, and walk around your vehicle in the morning to see if you can notice anything awry with the naked eye.


As the year progresses and the temperature drops, the sun also sets at an earlier time. The amount of daylight will get shorter and more and more of your driving will take place when you need to use your headlights. Making sure all of your lights are in good working order and will provide you with enough light while driving in low-to-no light conditions is extremely important to your safety and the safety of others on the road.


Last but not least, make sure all of the fluids under the hood are optimized for cold weather. Change your oil to something winter-grade and make sure your antifreeze and wiper fluids are topped up for the season.


With these four simple things to check and change, you are well on your way to a winter with less car stress. Safe driving!